I think I found clouds while flying in Norway

I live in that area and ther is nothing that remindes me about the white things so i’m Pretty sure those are clouds


I think that is part of the scenery, but yes, they are clouds

Take a closer look

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So we have clouds in infinite flight

They were there when the satellite took the picture. That’s all.


What Tim said is correct, we don’t have clouds. The best thing we have is fog which in some cases can actually create some cool illusions of cloud cover.

I see sheep herd from sky.


You can’t say that then not say where the sheep are.

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It’s hard to See their legs to say how many of them real sheep :(

Lol for real?

His just joking

I believe it’s part of the scenery? 🧐

Wow. I have never seen that in IF before. So cool!

Seen em before. A few spots over western Colorado and I believe Kansas/Nebraska area as well if my memory serves me well.

Yes in certain places you can see pictures of clouds as they where in shotwhen the picture was taken that is used fir the scenery. Personally I like seeing these as you only see them when you are high up and is a nice compromise as we don’t have clouds in IF (at present)

Wow. That is cool!

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