Clouds, Tiresmoke and Taxiway Lighting

I find that at night, you can barely see the taxiway, even if my phone is on full brightness. A way to fix this would to add taxiway lighting so this would never happen. I think I am not the only one with this problem. The light would also make the airports look way better at night, this could definitely be a factor why someone would choose IF instead of Aerofly.
Another thing is Clouds, it can be very dull flying sometimes, and adding clouds would make it way more interesting to fly, so it is not just a dull flight.
A small thing I would also like to see is tire smoke, its a small thing but it would be very nice.

The things listed have a way higher priority to me, than always adding new aircraft, since the devs have made so many great aircraft. There are so many to choose from, and I find adding these features are more important than other things.

I hope someone sees this, and passes it on to the devs,


Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community! Above I have linked a feature request for taxiway lighting, tire smoke, and clouds which you can vote for to be added, and below I have linked a post to get started with IFC and everything you need to know!

I hope you have a pleasant stay here, remember to stay humble, to stay hungry, and to go onward and upwards!


Exactly, same thought here.

Additionally, here’s a feature request for cloud layers:

Go vote for them if you want to have these features in the sim :)


The devs are well aware of this as countless amounts of people have suggested this. Its getting repetitive now lmao. If you really want these, vote for them in #features