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Hello. I don’t know if I’m in the good category but I have some words to say about clouds. Several times when I look the weather’s airport, I see (for ex: Bkn040) but we can set clouds to level 040. I don’t know if a topic as this exist but I think it’s possibility we must have in IF. I hope someone can light me about that. Thank for ur watching

This is because we don’t have live cloud data in infinite flight at the moment. The only live weather is wind and visibility.

@Jay003 Is it why we can’t adjust ourselves at level <20 000 ft ? And do you know when live clouds will be released ?


The clouds we have are cirrus clouds which are usually not found (but can be) below 20.000ft, which is why we have that limit.

No ETA on having this “live” right now.


Hey Bud… i make METARS at my work …there are * 8 Oktas of the sky, observers look for…there are 3 types FEW means trace- 2 oktas SCT means scattered 3-4 oktas BKN Broken 5-8 oktas 8-8 OVC overcast
NOW cloud-040 is 4000FT
So 001-009 is 100-900FT …010-090(1000ft-9000ft)
10000FT and UP is rounded …like if its 10,500ft rounded to 11,000ft same with 20.000ft and up
Hope it Helps…kinda LOL

Maybe in your lifetime, depending on your age :-)

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