Clouds? Question

Why can’t infinite flight just copy the clouds from xplane

It’s way more complicated than you think.


Cause that would kind of be stealing and then they need to add more software to handle them


X plane and IF are completely different sims so it is not as easy as you think to copy them. They can’t anyway, they would need to have some kind of permission.


If life were this simple, we would have ended world hunger and solved global warming!

All jokes and existential lessons aside, I’m sure there is some regulatory and developer reasoning behind it. For one, like many have said, it would be stealing. Second, I’m sure the codes wouldn’t match up since IF is completely different from X-Plane and their sources/codes databases may not speak all to well with the “copied code”.

The best we can do right now is wait and see when/how the first iteration of clouds is gonna come. It’s a confirmed feature, so just be patient! Hope this answers your question! 🙂