Clouds Online and solo

Good evening, I haven’t seen the clouds in the game yet. Did I read the email about the update incorrectly where there is something to do?

Clouds have not been released yet in 20.1.


I remember reading about it but It didn’t tell us exactly when we are going to get clouds. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out in a future update.

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If you would like to vote for clouds:

There’s no need to vote for clouds. We already know they’re coming, but they aren’t physically possible until project metal is complete. So save your vote🙃


Yep, just linking @X_PreDaToR_75XX to the post for reference


Who said this?
I was under the impression clouds were more or less ready in the last live stream so was surprised they didnt come with 20.1


The first iteration of clouds is not tied to Project Metal at all.


Wow. How’s possible to pass beside Metal and miss it. It is there since iOS 8! 5 years

thank you for yours replys

My apologies Jason, should have emphasised that was dense 3D clouds.

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