Clouds not appearing during sunset

Approaching Heathrow right now and no clouds appear on sunset, although when I change the time to noon OR night I can see them.

iPad Air 4
iOS 15


I was wondering if the clouds was even existing after the recent update?

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Maybe they want us to appreciate sunsets tbh

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That’s odd. I can see clouds at sunrise, sunset & night on solo. Have you tested it on solo?

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It’s quite a bizarre issue indeed. I tested it out just now and as far as I can tell, it’s an issue when the local time is between 17:50 and 18:30 and the clouds are set to a lower altitude than your own. Below is a more detailed description of my discoveries.

Test conditions are:
My altitude: 35000ft
Clouds: Broken (slider to the very end)

Time (LT) Clouds visible at altitude
17:50 34100ft - 50000ft
17:55 34100ft - 50000ft
18:00 34100ft - 50000ft
18:05 34200ft - 50000ft
18:10 34200ft - 50000ft
18:15 34300fft - 50000ft
18:20 34500ft - 50000ft
18:25 34500ft -50000ft
18:30 and onwards 20000ft - 50000ft (Min to Max alt)

I find it quite weird how the local time affects such things, to be honest. I’m sure the developers won’t let this slip through, though, and will look into it.


Wow, thanks a lot for your help mate. I guess that explains the issue.

If any staff member comes across this… all the info is up here ^^^^^

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