Clouds in IF!

Today I was able to chat with Misha who works for infinite flight and he said that in 2020 they will introduce CLOUDS!!


Who was the person? Don’t believe this true

It’s been known for a couple week. It was Misha in AMA.

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It has been announced on various posts regarding clouds. Should be an exciting time. Keep an eye on #announcements and #blog for more information.


it’s true. Today we had a q&a with the IF team

Who is we? Usually when you share information it is wise to site your source.

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You mean @.misha AMA! ;)

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The ATC group chat via Slack

That’s @Trio educational ATC Slack!

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Sorry, still getting used to the format of everything

ATC Education Group Workshop AMA with Misha. Been reported other places though as it’s been said. Full AMA will be posted on our blog tomorrow. :)


Keep an eye on #announcements and #blog for more information.