Clouds in 20.2?

Clouds in 20.2

There has been some news recently, Some say there will be clouds some say they wont. So I have a couple of question

  1. What are the chances of clouds being added in V 20.2?
  2. Are we able to still see the ground? If not, it would be hard to record cinematic time-lapse for YouTubers like me and @PocketRishi

Thank you!


Can you provide us with evidence/proof of this ‘news recently’ ? Personally, I dont think they will come, however you never know what the devs are up to!

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Hi below you can find the official news that the clouds wont be coming in 20.2

look for the title : 20.2 news


thank you! but regarding the second question?

im not too sure about that. Because IRL when you are above a ocean of clouds, you wont be able to see the ground. But that will depends on altitude and weather and what type of clouds are there.

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oof that will be hard for cinematic timelapse youtuber lol thanks!

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Sadly clouds won’t be in the 20.2 update due to some performance-related challenges.

As often happens in app development, cloud development has hit a snag and clouds won’t be released in 20.2. We’re unable to provide a release estimate at this time as developers are still trying to find a workaround for some performance-related challenges.

-Official 20.2 Tracking thread and Timeline

Could you elaborate your second question?


Like we YouTubers that do cinematic flights rely on the beauty of the grounds too and not only in the plane. If clouds will totally cover the grounds, that wont be so beautiful again…

Like mist and haze?

sort of

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that would depend on the weather

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The first iteration of clouds in Infinite Flight are cirrus clouds I believe, so they won’t be a few feet above the ground.

Source: Cirrus Clouds: thin and wispy

But they may still cover some of the scenery.

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wow that looks beautiful! thank u guys!


No problem! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask :D

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