Clouds going away

Anyone know why the cloud setting in weather resets every flight all of a sudden

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IF uses real life weather conditions, so every time you spawn at a different airport or at a different time, the clouds reset because there is none of that type

Since when did if add real time clouds?

They pretty much always had Real Time weather (It started with temperatures and wind I believe before clouds were added)

I dont think this is for real time cloude. Ive spawned at the airport where I work in a rain storm and it comes in clear

Hey, I believe that’s a bug. The current clouds does not mirror real life weather like the winds and temperature does.

There is no real time clouds “yet”. There is real metars though that give you live wind, and visibility.
I don’t know exactly why the clouds reset every flight but they do I guess.

It Does do Layers Aloft like Fog(FG) and the visibility is Low

Yes that’s correct, but I mean that clouds aren’t simulated to IRL conditions.

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I also noticed it turns off clouds for me every time I spawn in. Kind of annoying.

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Old topic, but just FYI that we have addressed this for our 23.3 hotfix. Thanks for your patience!