Clouds don't show at night

Today when I was flying to EIDW in A330 it was night. Even though I set my cloud settings full I still couldn’t see any thing
Here is what I mean: clouds - YouTube

Anyone know ??

Yeh it happens
Its been there for quite a while now either you get no clouds on a really dark night or you get glowing orange clouds

Yup, when below the set cloud altitude I see orange clouds

Was the moon present in the clip? I just tested it there and the clouds can only be seen if the moon is reflecting light onto them, if the moon isn’t there the clouds look transparent and barely visible.

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I am not sure, i don’t remember

From watching the video, I don’t think it was. If you want you could test it again with the moon being present and see if the clouds don’t show up.

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Sure, I will do it in the morning. rn it is 4:20 here

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This is what @Collins4486 just told me

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