Clouds direction not matching winds

I noticed that clouds’ flow rarely match winds’ actual direction.
This is something I’ve paid attention to for months and many different flights.

For example, I’m currently flying a 77W over KSTC at FL360.
My heading is 246, flying 395kts GS, and wind is 247/84kts.
I should see clouds going against me at great speed; however they’re headed towards heading 030.
I have cirrus set as broken and at FL500. I also checked and it seems that clouds layer aren’t impacted by wind aloft, so that explanation would not make sense to explain this phenomenon.

Towards the beginning of the flight, I had a 126kts head wind, and clouds were headed my direction at a faster speed than me (they were taking me over rapidly) while they should show as going the opposite direction at great speed.

Again, I’ve experienced this for months on many flights.
Is it that cloud layers are currently set to go only one direction?

Not a big deal, and this is certainly not a complain.
I was curious to get further feedback, and wanted to share this as I haven’t found a topic that refers to this experience, and it would add to the realism if clouds acted based on wind aloft.
If this subject was answered to or addressed in another topic, my apologies, feel free to delete.

Device: iPad Air (4th generation)
Operating system: 15.2.1

Thank you to the IF Team !


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Hey Alexis, the staff team has taken note of this and will look into it. Thanks!


Thanks @Pingu !


Wanted to share some feedback after a couple long flights over the past days:
Not sure if something was adjusted on the Devs’ side (if so, please let me know and maybe topic can be closed), but it looks like clouds are now behaving based on winds aloft.
Will continue checking this on a regular basis and will provide any updates here - whether clouds’ directions tracks with the winds or not.

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