Clouds base

Hello IFC,

I felt free to start a discussion on the following topic just to see what you guys and the staff team would think about this.

I know IF is working on weather, getting thicker and 3D clouds that would go below 20K.

But until then, why not allow the cirrus clouds to go below 20K even though that’s not realistic it would be some of a “let’s go this until we have better” compromise.

What do you think ?

Know that this is not a feature request and just an open discussion.

Well you see I don’t think the current clouds go under 20000 feet irl

They do. Sometimes as low as 2,000 feet. Lower than that would be considered fog

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The clouds we have now are cirrus clouds, which IRL floats between 7000-10000m (23000-33000ft) or even above. Low clouds, if present in game, should be volumetric, which we don’t have now.


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