Clouds are coming in the future, but will there be weather changes? Would you love to see that?

I know that IF is working on getting clouds on the game but will there be rain snow & and other weather changes? I would love to see these things added later on in the future. It will definitely make it a top game to download and have.

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You can vote for weather like this here:

Make sure to search before posting!

As @Kuba_Jaroszczyk has said, this topic doesn’t really belong in Features as its basically a discussion.

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All I have heard (yet) is that a layer of clouds is supposed to be added (soon) into the flight simulator. Although we do not know, nor the developers cannot confirm will there be Weather coming anytime soon.

As a reminder, this does not belong to the #features Category. 👍

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I would love to see some rain and snow in infinite flight.