Clouds and weather

I know I asked about this yesterday but I watch a lot of streamers who play didn’t simulators and the clouds are phenomenal? Does anyone have W rough estimate on when they will be added into infinite flight.
I just get so excited lol

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The Infinite Flight team doesn’t spoil anything. It adds to the suspense factor.


No estimate yet.
But keep an eye out on the development of Project Metal
There’s certain to be some improvements coming from that end!

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i don’t understand why they are taking so long to implement. In my mind the concept of modeling a cloud, visually, is not different than drawing the earth, like a mountain for example. The sim does not know the difference between drawing a mountain or a cloud… its just drawing an object. After that, determine an opacity, like fog, which we already have.

I think it’s because clouds aren’t as simple as a “layer” like fog, especially to code in and pull from live weather sources on a mobile device.
Remember, clouds are of several different types, shapes, heights and layers. And they’re constantly moving and changing depending on weather information.
To code that in precisely and with a good consistent form on a mobile device is actually quite a feat in my mind.
I’m sure the team’s doing their best. They’ll come when they’ll come. And I think they said that they’re working on it. (Unlike other sims, the IF team is pretty microscopic, by comparison)
I could be VERY wrong cuz I’m no coder/graphics expert, but I think the sim actually does “know” where a mountain is - and takes it from terrain information. Terrain doesn’t move around and change every minute. Clouds do.


Please refer to the ‘Project Metal’ official thread. Most all of your questions can be answered here Project Metal - #252 by Pilot_Dan1

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I agree. I’d love to see these kinds of things but everything takes time i guess. One day we will wake up to a update where there just there.

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i hear yah… but i see moving and changing is all relative. A mountain moves as the aircraft moves. Scenery changes as the aircraft moves. if i were programing, i would create a class called “object”. I then define where it is in space. And it move by either a point of reference moving or some one telling it to move.

ah but, the terrain does not move, its all about relativity. the terrain loads as you fly, but it stays still. the aircraft are the only entities in motion. clouds would actually be moving, and like previously stated, are not so simple to implement as fog or terrain. in games, the major details that make clouds feel real are weather, and dynamic lighting. as it happens, IF has neither, and so those will be implemented with project metal first, before different types of clouds can be worked in. the only WIP cloud type that we know of are cirrus clouds, which are so high up that dynamic lighting doesn’t really make a difference.

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Thanks for taking the time to chat. Some day I hope to see you in the clouds 😂

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