Clouds and cabin lights

I want to know if actual clouds will be added soon same as cabin lights??


There are cabin lights, They are only available on newer aircraft (320 family, 787, DC-10, CRJ)as older aircraft don’t have the framework for it. Clouds, face development challenges so they might come one day but not anytime soon

they discuss this on their latest live stream on youtube. go to @infiniteflight on youtube and go to the videos tab

there is the video link

by the way, this mentions clouds not cabin lights

Where in the video does it mention clouds? (I’m too lazy to watch the whole video.)


it mentions clouds and 3-d buildings


Clouds are so hard to render is the issue (which I am sure they talk about in that video). Rendering realistic clouds is actually one of the largest areas of study in Computer Graphics right now. Graphics powerhouses like Pixar have been wrestling with it for years, and they have actually come up with a good way to make realistic clouds, but here is the issue, its super computationally heavy. Not a problem for a company like pixar that does animations and have the hardware to render once and then save in a more compressed format, but it is a huge issue for a company like IF who want to continuously render clouds and mostly only have phones and tablets without high end graphics cards to work with. Computer Graphics was one of my fields of study in college, so I’ve got a lot of good material for read if anyone is interested more in this topic. Just DM me and I’ll point y’all in the right direction.


not only that don’t you think they should add some airport lightning ? Its really difficult at night

What are your views about the low-terrain fog that IF actually uses at the current moment? Can’t they simply lift it up a bit to create a visual of low cloud ceiling?

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