Cloudrush's ATC Tracking Thread - OMDB [CLOSED]

I will be open at VABB for the next hour for my practise for IFATC. Do drop by if possible. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

You should follow the format About ATC Category

And note in the title where you are if you are open and change it to “[closed]” when you are done.

Looking forward to your next session.

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I was NKO526!

What you have to improve :

When telling a aircraft to make left/right traffic there is no need to give a pattern entry like enter left downwind, the pilot will enter the pattern on crosswind proceed to downwind then turn base and then finaly tuen on final.

You can sequence ( if neccesary ) and clear once the aircraft has lifted off.
( On the runway change you didn´t give the clearence for ages… )

Biggest No was at the end! You clear a aircraft for the option !!! this means it can land do a touch and go or do a low pass, I didn´t have to tell you´´ inbound full stop/touch and go´´. And as you probably know every aircraft that lands needs to be given a ´´exit runway command´´ ( only full stop landings ), and I didn´t recieve it for ages…

What You did good:

Runway change was well executed ( could have been done a bit faster )
Clerences were issued correctly

So I would advise you to work on your speed and watch the tutorials on Youtube

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Can I PM you some doubts I have?

Noted and appreciated a lot!!!

Sure you can

Am open at VABB for an hour team…feel free to drop by.

Open at VABB for the next hour. Do drop by if possible.

I’ll come. N25513.

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Would you like your feedback here or through PM?

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Sure bro… :)

I mean PM :)

A few notes from ITU93

  • You had me taxi to RW27 when i was right next to RW32.
    Try using the closest available RW

  • Try to anticipate a RW crossing and call them early to avoid the pilot waiting.
    In my case, a plane was ready to T/O so you could have advanced the “Hold Short”

  • Get people off your frequency who don’t need your service.
    If they request departure, allow frequency change

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Got it sir. Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Looking forward to the next session with all of you again :)
Thanks again.

Open @ VABB. Ground & Tower.

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