CloudChaser's ATC Tracking Thread CLOSED @KJFK

Current status;pattern work allowed

Airport: KJFK

Departure Runway(s):****

Landing runway(s): ****

Status: OPEN

Aircraft accepted: Any ( Military not allowed)

Frequencies: Tower & Ground

Please be profesional and keep in mind of the people around you, constructive feedback will be appreciated! come on by and do some patterns help me practice
Best Regards,

TuiVa President


On my way!

Nice session overall mate!

Just a bit of feedback:

1- Transition altitude was a bit too high. It should have been 3000. The method to calculate the transition altitude is Airport Elevation + 2500 (rounded up to the nearest 500.)

2- When I reported my position in final I did it to inform you I was in for a full stop landing. “Avoid Unnecessary messages” shouldn’t be used in this case.

And just an advice for the future, try opening airports with parallel runways to practice runway changes.

thank you so much excellent feedback 👏 I’m admittedly a bit rusty but practice practice sorry for the mistakes ill be better next time, thank you for coming out.

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I’ll look up some more appropriate airports
Thanks again

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Hey!! Tag me when ur next opening and I will come down for sure ✈️🤪

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