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Hey guys. ERJ pilot here wondering if there are any other stick jockeys out there! If so where did you train? I had the luxury of ATP down at KFXE. Share a story!


Sounds like a perfect opp for @DeerCrusher to share some stories! @Heavydriver too!


A320 pilot.

Went to a small university with an aviation program. Flew Part 135 on a King Air then a PC-12. Joined a regional after a few years and flew the ATR 72 and CRJ700. Left the regionals and went on to fly the 777 for the last 7 years. Now flying for a Major US carrier on the A320.

Oh, Also went to Infinite Flight academy of testing where various lines of code where thrown at me 🤷🏾‍♂️


I guess I can start off by saying welcome! Great to see and have another pilot on the forum with us. Like HD, I too went to a small university aviation school. I was able to get my degree in Aviation Management with them there as well as all of my ratings up to Comm. Multi. Inst. I have done both part 121 and part 135 flying. Most recently I just got done with a Part 135 gig flying the Caravan for a company that operates Essential Air Service (EAS) routes. Being that you’re from the FXE area you might’ve heard of this company flying Caravans around the state of Florida to and from Tampa, Palm Beach and Key West.

Anyways, I’m currently flying the CRJ900 for a US regional carrier and been enjoying the plane thus far. But with the whole thing that’s going on in the world right now, things are kind of in a holding pattern until the passenger market returns.

@Erj145 is another good community member that I’ve befriended here on the forum over the course of time. Its up to him if he wants to share his little blurb but figured it would be neat for those to hear some of the things he’s flown.

Anyways, again, welcome to the community. Hope we enjoy your time here and let us know if there’s anything that we can do!

Because the title is “Cloud Surfers Anonymous” I had to share a reason why you titled it as such. 😁

taken in non-critical phase of flt.


Great seeing you active again, @Heavydriver :)

Thanks for the tag, @DeerCrusher :)

I would definitely fall under the unconventional route into Aviation. Fell in love with aviation at a young age (around 3 or 4) when I saw a 747-400 right in front of me and was in complete awe.

Got my ppl when 17. Went to a four year college(141 prog) and doing aerospace eng (only way my parents agreed to my path to be a pilot). Hated engineering, so I dropped out of school. Came back home and took GEC classes at my community college to knock out two years of university courses. While doing that I would do scenic tours, take couples to romantic dinner dates and do intro/demo flights. Since I was not commercially rated I could not do it for hire so I split the cost; ended up being a great deal for them lol. Word got around and before you knew it I was picking up and dropping University students during break (spring break, summer or Christmas) Honestly, I didn’t care, I just wanted to fly.

Then I went back to another University majored in things I loved that was non aviation related. Graduated. Went to ATP at RDU and completed their 90 day accelerated program(I don’t wish that on anyone). Went to American Eagle and flew the Jungle Jet- ERJ145. A few years later (after getting burned out) I went to fly the Caravans in the Midwest. Absolutely loved that plane, just not in hard icing. Lol did that for a bit over a year and landed on my current 135 (mainly) /91 gig flying CJs, Emb 500/505. I also do side contract work for those planes on my days off. End goal is to fly internationally. With everything that’s happening currently in aviation, let’s see if that will happen.

@StickJockey is pink slip Pinkston still around FXE and E. Strange out of JAX still doing check rides for ATP?


I actually had pinkston for my multi engine hahahahaha that’s hilarious. He fell asleep when I was doing steep turns over the Everglades. As for Earnie he was there when I finished back in 2015 but I’m not sure. We had Marty as our admin and she’s long gone hahaha

Lol. Yup sounds like Pinkston. Lol I had my initial with him and then got Strange for my II. Worst experience of my life. I don’t wish that person on anyone else.

Enjoy the 145. I don’t miss it. Lol. And welcome to the forum. Awesome people here.

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