Cloud Static

I was just casually flying, and then when I adjusted my clouds lower it started going static, it’s not consistent, it just happened at a certain altitude and then when i changed it back it went away. Any clues?

I use the iPad Air 2

Hi, this looks like a bug in the game’s graphical engine. These are usually weird edge cases that you’ll be very lucky (or unlucky, depends on how you view it) to see twice, so not much you can do there. With that said, if a dev would stumble on this thread, it might be helpful for him/her if you can share some details about what happened when you encountered it, such as altitude, location, time and weather settings.

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Just casually flying, I was flying at FL330 and I put the clouds just above my aircraft to make it look like im ‘in the clouds’ per say, it was a broken cloud layer, then i switched to the wing view and it went haywire. This was just north of singapore.

I would provide another screenshot but it hasn’t happened again.

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