Cloud spotted at HNL?

Flying the 208 into HNL and I seen this. Cloud? image

That’s just the visibility not being at full. No clouds, just less visibility.


Are we looking at the same thing? Im open to all ideas I just cant see how it could be less visibility. Look right between the two antenna and in the ridge above is what im talking about

Ohh I see what you mean. That’s not a cloud though. IF doesn’t have clouds yet. I’ve seen some rendering issues where another airport will be visible through terrain, but won’t be rendered because you aren’t close enough. This could probably be one of those cases. Try to do this again in night mode. I’m almost certain you’ll be able to see the runway lights through the mountain.

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Thats a good idea. Im sure its just a one off thing. I doubt ill be able to recreate it. Ill go and try it now.

Just went up then and cant re create it or see anything at night, sure its just a one off

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Fog caused by what @Swang007 said.

If it were clouds, you’d see: 1. Shape 2. Variety in color (Slightly tarnished clear to paper white) 3. It would be spotty.

Best, Boeing707

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i dont think there’s any clouds Dev…just the visibility is low…but this is a cool pic BTW…really nice

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