CLOUD’S ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

My ATC Tracking Thread!


Now Open! @ OMDB / Dubai International


Airport is Open until Closed!

Runways 30R & 30L will be used in this session.

Try to follow all directions. The Training Server can be a busy and frustrating place.


You should put this in ATC section.
Good luck if you’re doing the test!

callsign: DLVA1887

Switched to KONT, PHNK already taken.

@Clouds I know that red runways are not always closed, but the winds are gusting at 23 knots. I would recommend putting traffic on 08L/R


You did very well! Although, since I was the only person flying, I couldn’t test your skills on sequencing.

Two minor things you could touch up on:

  1. When you clear me for the option, no need to say “make left traffic” if I’m already in the left pattern. Unless you wanted me to switch to right traffic, that would be acceptable.

  2. When I land and you hear/see my reversers thrusting, and I’m slowing down significantly, it’s probable that I’m ready to exit the runway. Therefore, send me a runway exit instruction. Within that command, if necessary you can tell me to “Exit left of runway, hold short XX” or “Exit left of runway, cross XX” or you could just say “exit left of runway.”

Thanks for the service, see you around!

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Just switched again to San Diego. hoping for a bigger crowd

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I know it’s not the right place to ask sorry.
What do you do if you think the pilot is doing a stop and goe. I always waited to be sur the pilot doesn’t have enough space to to takeoff before saying exit runway.
If tower says exit runway can the pilot still takeoff instead?

Pretty good, just a few nitpicks:

  • You should have sequenced me on the first circuit as there were other aircraft on final and in the pattern
  • Very small and you don’t really need to do this but: When I say full stop, it means I’m stopping and not continuing with patterns, so you should give me a landing clearance instead of an option. This isn’t really necessary but it’s just a personal preference.
  • When I touchdowned on the runway for a full stop landing, you executed an exit runway command almost immediately. You should only issue these once a jets’ reverse thrust is off, or about 60-70kts.

Other than that, you did pretty good. I feel sorry for you with that ‘Delta’ fighter jet being annoying. You have to have at least one of these on the training server 😉.

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I said it’s probable that he will be exiting the runway. Stop and go’s aren’t super popular. And yes, if tower says to exit runway, you can still take off.

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Closed @KMIA. Read original topic for more info.

Joined in at KMIA w/ joystick.

EDIT: Had to leave. Sorry.

Closed! @OMDB (Dubai International).

Closed, feedback apreciated.

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On my way! (20 char)

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I will be coming. …

Don’t bypass the 20 character limit with a (20 char) or anything similar. It’s there for a reason. This forum isn’t for quick spammy responses, it’s for meaningful responses in every post.

Instead, you could say:
I’ll come! My callsign will be XX, and I will stay and do some patterns for a while.



I was there and i didn’t spot any mistakes, your were grate hope you get to become IFATC.
Good luck.


Alright. My mistake.

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@Clouds that was some great controlling. You could easily (I’m assuming easily) become IFATC. LFC crashed on me, so that’s why I tookoff way off center.

Now Open! @ KSFO ( San Francisco International Airport )

Open until closed! Runways 1L & 1R Will be used for departures. Runways 28L & 28R will be used for pattern work / landings.

Try to follow all directions. The Training Server can be a busy and frustrating place.