Cloud question

I heard from someone that clouds were going to follow real weather. But I thought I heard Laura say that they are stationary for the time being but they do have intentions of the cirrus clouds following real weather could someone clarify for me? Thanks


Yes, Laura said in one of IFs Twitch streams that this was the goal for the clouds to be real life synced. Although in 21.1 they will not be.


Ok thank you

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No problem!

Then i hope the entire sky is not covered with clouds…

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Here is a question that I’ve asked before but don’t want to ask again on the Q&A , also this is to avoid making another topic related on clouds and it’s better tto reply on another questions thread.

Will we be able to like fly above the clouds or will it be a skybox?

The question was answered in the other thread. Yes you will be able to fly through/above them


Oh okay… Didn’t know it was answered sorry.


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