Cloud Layers


No, but it is a lot more realistic in most respects - flight physics, cockpits, wing flex, animations, weather/atmosphere/ wing views - basically everything, and also the scenery it does have (albeit very limited to only California) looks more real.


I would love the idea, BUT…

Fire up FSX on a PC, move the slider to the max for detailed clouds and see the impact on performance. I’m not talking about running it on a latest gen i7 pc with the most high-end GPU or dozens of RAMs…
Just a normal pc or laptop.

As I said, I would really love the idea, but it would effect the overall performance.

With global, satellite images and the freshly introduced working instruments (yes, it’s there only in the A10, but who knows which other aircraft would get it in the future), which could make some current devices kneel already on max settings(with AA on, and very high airplane count for example), added clouds would make a serious impact on performance (dynamic clouds, draw distance, weather changes, etc.)

In a couple of years time, clouds will be there in the Infinite Skies! 👍


It will be AMAZING in Infinite Flight to be able to ascend into the friendly sky while passing through cloud layers. And to reach your cruising altitude looking down with any terrain in sight. Now that is REALISM for you!!!

Take a look at this video a 757 taking off KATL through the clouds.


200 voter! 😁 Anyways this would make Infinite Flight so much more realistic and cooler! It’s always a nice sight to pass through clouds on takeoff and descent,and the Infinite clouds that cover the sky during cruise!


On my Iphone XS Max, I can run Aerofly 2019 on full settings with no lag (if frame rate limiter is turned off). And the cockpits (all with fully functioning instruments, night lighting and so on), scenery and atmospheric effects are vastly superior to IF. So it is possible on top spec devices. Surely all that’s needed is a simple ‘on/off’ button like with any other graphics setting. I don’t see why people with higher spec devices should be denied when those devices are more than capable of handling it.


I love this idea and support it!

It would be really cool if this could be tied in with a rating system in the sim where if pilots have their instrument rating then the sim will produce clouds or produce IMC in the sim comparable to actual weather conditions of where they are flying.


@danielsun36 that’s why you only get California and no global in that. Our staff has been playing w the 2019 version-it’s got some great stuff-eye candy aside it’s got full on flight directors/autopilot and even Airbus Fly By Wire protection-but it’s also flawed in many ways too.


I’d rather have small regions and more flight realism/immersion, which is what AF does better than IF imo. Both are flawed in one way or another. I think IF can catch up but it has a long way to go and I dont think we’ll see all the features in AF this year in IF - ie, clouds, buildings, Hi-res scenery.


As @virtualBlue mentioned above, it is limited to one region.
I do not think high-end device users are being ignored by the developers of IF, but due to the diversity of their user base and community (and the amount of devices they have intention to support) , they can’t ignore those who haven’t got high-end devices. Therefore, focusing their development plans on things that most of their current users can use (what’s the point of developing a feature that will be set to off on most of the devices as they won’t be able to handle it?) is far more ideal at the moment in my opinion.

But, we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. There could be clouds and other things already in development.

Oh, and I’m also a high-end device owner… 😊

Also, I think we went a bit off topic. But I see where you’re coming from. 👍


Just seen your last post.

IF already has High-res satellite images. You need to be on a proper cruise altitude to see it properly.

For realism, clouds would be the last on my list with IF. Same applies to buildings. What difference would it make? More screenshot and videos of people crashing into buildings? 😂

Gear tilt (or just better gear animations in general), working instruments for all cockpits, tyre smoke (though it might has performance impact), taxiway lights, cockpit night lights, maybe night lights on the ground. These would make a good start for me.
Then, if it would be really necessary, autogen objects, like buildings and trees. Then maybe clouds, rain and snow, lightning…

Time will tell.

Funny you said regions. We had regions, everyone wanted to fly between them. Now we can, so you want them back, with more details. 😊

From the developers’ point of view it is really hard to satisfy everyone at the same time, especially with a large community like what IF has.


Yup! It’s almost like if you could take the best parts of the two and combine them you’d have the best thing ever!


Well it’s great to see other simulators on phones have clouds. This means it possibly might increase the chances of having clouds sooner !


Imagine this a350 Landing in Hong Kong Foggy night with the landing lights and every light from the plane illuminating on the clouds and air around it


It would look beautiful! 😁


That’s if of course they reworked the plane lightings and made em brighter :(((


Well they might. Afterall lights used to illumate the ground pregloblal, so it’s possible with clouds maybe.


mannn I can just see it your descending through the clouds high up in the sky you can’t see anything yet because your still surfing the thick layer of clouds minutes later your clear and can see the ground for the clouds above you Wowzaz


That will be so Amazing if there was Cloud Layers.
I wish that so much!!!


Cloud must be the best views for everyone. l really want IF to make it and that will make IF more real.


I was flying out of a snowy KDCA and into an overcast KATL yesterday (IRL) and I remember why clouds are so important. The feeling you get from climbing out of an overcast area and suddenly breaching the clouds seeing the sun is a feeling you can’t recreate. Clouds are such a staple item in aviation.

I understand that it may be difficult for some devices to render clouds, however, if there was a checkbox option for clouds, I feel as though it would be a realistic input into the game. People with devices that are able to handle clouds would be able to use the game with clouds, and weaker devices will have the option to refrain from clouds.

And for this reason, I will keep my vote for cloud layers.


we really need clouds i am getting bored of the clear sky ;.;