Cloud Layers


Can’t wait to see it in IF!

#109 I wish I IWSH this will be one of the updates in 2019


Just imagine inside the cabin, wing view in place, passing through the clouds on a cold winter morning, and just seeing the wingflex from going through the clouds… 🤤 😍


I would love to see clouds. Even the new Aerofly 2019 can load clouds on mobile devices, however, that’s where the frame rate can get sketchy. With IF loading the entire globe, other aircraft (in live), as well as weather, trying to load in clouds would likely cause frame rate and processing problems. But who knows? We might see clouds in 2019 ;)


Amazing, what a great edit!
Merry Christmas Everyone!


Well luckily, some parts of the world, you practically never see clouds! (Desert, Antarctica, etc.)


I agree! Altho there is wind conditions, fog and low lying clouds make for a more exciting take off experience… it would be awesome to raise the ceiling a tad!


Great idea! Got my vote, can’t imagine how cool IF is there’s a clouds up there


With the taxi lights, this is the only important feature that needs to be added to IF, why not in 2019 :), in my opinion !

Would love to have some layers that are simulating these : (just search flying between clouds on google)


You got my vote!!! I also wanted to say this!!!~


Great idea! We need this in IF!


It’s a great idea man! I wish developers works on this topic ! You got my vote!


Who says they haven’t? 🙃😉


Thanks for information! I hope to get it soon and extend my subscription 😉


I have been looking forward to this for a long time.


I can’t wait for the day we see this as you fly. This one is at around FL180 Northwest of Nairobi(HKJK)

Credits: Self


No problem! Happy landings!


Me too, i’ve been getting into it over the last few days. It’s stunning. I’ve had no frame rate issues on my Iphone XS max. There is no reason why IF cannot add better atmospherics judging by Aerofly.


Forget the clouds how bout those instruments!


Aerofly doesn’t have global…