Cloud Layers


You can’t expect to Sim to have coulds all the time as it uses real weather, sometimes a few places wont have coulds at all. Again, it depends on the weather so we can’t decide the altitude, thinkness and the amount of clouds present.


Ideally it would work off the metar. That example might work if the metar read OVC 70 BKN 120.


It would be great to have some clouds, even if they’re just merely fog layers.

If you look at some other mobile flight sims (won’t mention any names), they’ve done clouds in a similar fashion.

Having some clouds in IF would add realism and give the virtual skies we fly in a lot more life and beauty. Flying above the clouds is one of the most beautiful aspects of aviation.


Great idea. It has my vote for sure.


A solution for that could be to have an option to switch 3D clouds on and off.


Yeah, which would be easy enough to implement.


The thing is that 3D clouds would really kill most of the devices if they get implemented in high quality. It’s like tire smoke and 3D taxi signs.


That’s something I’ve always noticed,evry flight is a clear flight when it could be light rain or cloudy
I’d love to see clouds and stuff and it would greatly enhance the gameplay ,this would probably be a feature in the distant future and it will take time in my view


Misha on IG sure shows how he would love for this to be implemented!


The great thing about this is that they don’t need to be high definition quality since it’s just well clouds!


I would say i dosent have to be all that, it can be like 2d cloud layers like in xplanes mobile if were worried about performance


CRJ Passenger View + Clouds in IF= 😍<3 <3


X plane Mobile renders clouds in this manner, with no hit to FPS. Great suggestion.


This would definitely be a needed edition to the game to make it more fun. Thanks for the suggestion!


Yes but it dosent have as much detailed scenery or as many aircrafts so it would be hard on some devices


The clouds dont really have to be detailed there layes after all. I wish add least some of the clouds could be seperated. Would it be possible if they could look something like this



Clouds would be such a great addition to IF. They would really be the next milestone to make flying more interesting. If you think about flying in real life, for most hobby pilots they’re a main part of their flight, for me as a glider pilot they’re simply essential.
Here in the community you often hear things like: „more GA“ or „make visual more attractive“. Clouds would definitely contribute to that.


Although Im sure this will be awesome if they have that, I still think it might cost the game to run slower


Good thing they don’t have to be high quality then! :)


This would be a nice feature to add . Hopefully soon . Vote vote vote !!