Cloud Layers


you didn’t get what I mean, nvm nice video


Clouds would be great, indeed.

Here’s the problem though:

Performance. I don’t think that any mobile device is able to handle the calculations of a) terrain streaming, b) traffic and ATC streaming, c) real time weather data streaming and d) real time cloud calculations.

It won’t look good at the current state of technology. That’s why I won’t vote for this yet.

We already have some fake cloud layers since there are clouds visible on the satellite imagery. It’s not at all what you requested but sometimes it looks amazing though.


I agree on the performance side but the option of having it would be great and then if you can run it the you can use it, and if not as it gets too laggy then don’t.


This is a great idea I’m out of votes though


This would be extremely hard to do on a mobile platform, but if it can work this would be amazing for sure!


Wow, I think we were at 15 votes last time I looked at this, loving the support and the images you all have put together!!

I agree, actual, individual clouds would be massively difficult to run/implement on a mobile device. This request is just to have full cloud layers, similar to the fog we have now but at higher altitudes. I’m loving the feedback everyone is coming up with! Thanks everyone!


You got my vote! All I see in the sky is clear except the ground AKA fog. I wanna see clouds up there high in the sky!


This would be a great addition for infinite flight, but i hold my vote for this request. Don’t get me wrong but infinite flight is a mobile simulator. So if you implement clouds it’s just too much for your device. Let’s wait when Apple and Android comes with some more devices with strong CPUs GPUs etc.


I agree. While I’d love to see individual clouds some day, this is sort of a stepping stone. Loud layers would hopefully be implemented in a similar way to fog now, just at different altitudes.


I would love to see this! It gives IF a whole, I really mean a Whole new experience. Totally voting for this.


I would love to see this soon! Got my vote!


This would be nice to have.


Infinite flight may just add this.even if it will take up a lot of space infinite flight will always find a way around just global. The reason for people thinking outside of the box is because in infinite flight global its more visual. I will definently vote for this because this flight sim has a lot of potential.


I was in deep thought about this request and thought why couldn’t you instead of making clouds, like proper ones ect that will kill any mobile users device.

Why not instead use layers of fog to replicate going through cloud, eg/ Layer of cloud at 5,000ft to 7,000 which would have high turbulence because of the fog simulating clouds, that don’t disappear when you go above it. And then you will have the simulation of clouds just with a few tweaks on the fog that shouldn’t strain devices too much.

It just looks so cool when taking off and there is fog above. It looks like clouds, but when you go above they disappear. Picture below shows what I mean.

Then you can use real world weather to determine the cloud layers at your position which IF would turn into layers of fog simulating clouds and better turbulence, which I would love to have in IF!

Also if you knew your device couldn’t handle this you could turn it off in settings or the draw distance could be turned up or down depending on what you want. Especially as some might not want cloud layers as they may want to see the scenery and not the realistic views at the time of flying.

Don’t know if this is possible but could be a good solution.


That’s exactly what I was trying to say in the original feature request! Not have individual clouds, but just fog projected at higher altitudes as clouds.

I love the picture you made though!


Not actually a picture its from IF today. No photoshop! The sim basically already does what we have suggested just it doesnt Have the fog be any more that 50ft deep and when you go above it, it disappears.


I edited this with Adobe Photoshop and IF with clouds would be amazing.


Oh yea and here is the before its kinda dull without editing it.


One cloud layer could be thick and above could be the fin cloud layer wouldn’t that be cool


One cloud layer would be at 7000ft while the other higher cloud would be at 12000ft