Cloud Layers

This. This is the most accurate comment about why some things are not there yet. Obviously time is another big factor but in general if something is not yet in IF, it is because whatever solution we found so far is not good enough.


So what you are saying is that as of right now, it is not possible, so we can’t be expecting it anytime in the near future.

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Hi Philippe,

The fact that ultra care is taken regarding quality on the development of Infinite Flight is something that you can tell just by playing the sim.
As per your technical explanation on Clouds, I think ´Volumetric Clouds´should not be the way forward, as mobiles are not ready for it and will not be ready in many years to come (hopefully I am wrong). So a more creative solution has to be found somehow…

Not so long ago I was developing my own VR Flight sim for the GearVR platform (Which never got to be completed as it was a side project and life got in the way…), and regarding clouds, I used a technique (a mixture of a few techniques actually) which gave decent results in my opinion. It was based on a sprite approach centered on the camera in conjuction with a ‘dome approach’. So depending on the user camera position in relation to the cloud mass, (under, inside, above), a set of combinations between sprites and dome where triggered. End result was that not a lot of sprites where needed to represent the clouds with good enough volumetric cheateffect (in combination with LOD settings). Bare in mind this was rendered in VR, so more demanding than IF, and my Samsung S7 was coping without issues (plus terrain, textures, other geo, etc)

Sorry for the long talk, this is just an idea I am throwing here, in case it triggers some other dev ideas in your heads or this approach is of any use for you guys…and we can all enjoy clouds in IF sooner rather than later!

Happy deving! (and Flying!)


What a great feature, you have my vote. Would probably take FDS some time to create, test and implement this and also optimize it for phone. But love it!

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I am saying that OP’s intuition was not accurate and that things are often way more complex that it seems.


Yes, this is called impostors and every single implementation I know about looks bad if you do it at our scale. Many cloud solution look decent when seen from below and a fairly static position but in our case we have to consider that the viewer might be below, above and inside the clouds; we also have to consider dynamic time of day with proper cloud lighting in all cases.


Have you considered starting out with clouds similar to how FSX and P3D work using 2D textures on planes that face the user to give the illusion of volumetric clouds?


So you mean like this right


I think there should be different types of clouds.


yep, that’s right
stratus, Towering cumbulus, cumbulonimbus, but the only one I never see in a sil is the Nimbo-stratus
the biggest cloud ever


This is exactly what I am waiting for. I think the main problem that may cause issues is performances with transparency things. But I am sure that if we are able to see fog it could be easy to make the same things for clouds.

When i used to fly in Google Earth simulator, I was taking pictures on internet and making some holes in the pictures with Preview on Mac to simulate broken clouds. Then i was adding pictures on image layer on goggle earth with the altitude, resulting to simulate a cloudy weather. I used to make a video with that, if I can, I could download it to YouTube then post link here to show you how it could made in IF if this kind of feature is implemented.

But never mind, I guess that FDS team is surely working on clouds… this just take time to adapt performances of running them in a mobile flight simulator.

Do you know Geoff’s flight simulators clouds are like there 2D. There’s also an option to render them. Maybe it could be like thatimage


yea but sometimes we want diffrent clouds not just one. :)

I’ve had som good cloud/fog cover over the Rockies when it was snowing here in CO


Hopefully we get some more updated cloud covers someday, this is a pretty good feature request!

I’d love to see this, but read the entire thread and realized how long down the road it will be based on the current devices on the market.

Although, now I’m wondering what a version of IF would look like as a Microsoft app to be played on a Surface Pro? Wow, then I’d never go back to a tablet lol

Disclaimer:. I don’t know much about the “tweeners” of computers or how they stack up to a tablet or Chromebook and the laptop/computer.

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Well well well 🤔

(@JT_Playz Insta)

Cloud layers may be coming in 2019 😮


Great feature request, Hopefully it will be added as soon as they’re able to😜

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Alex you hit it on the head here. This is likely well over 50% of why they’ve not released it. Weather and advanced night lighting would likely cripple some devices. That aside-would love to see it.


After devs will add South America scenery without clouds images we can tell them that they forgot to add clouds lol