Cloud Layers

One of the coolest features that came as part of the Global update was low-level fog. It’s so cool to take off/land into, and flying over it to see hills poking out from below adds to the overall Infinite Flight experience.

But why limit these cloud layers to the surface? (There probably is a good technological reason for this, but I’m not a big computer guy so I couldn’t tell you). We know that adding individual clouds would kill the frame rate because of all the particle rendering involved. But what if the low level fog was just rendered at other, higher altitudes in a way that would create a cloud ceiling?

Let’s look at part of the METAR for my local airport: KXXX 231754Z 20017G22KT 10SM -RA FEW037 BKN065 OVC080 07/03 A3014. The weather here isn’t great, but because the visibility is 10 SM, Infinite Flight will simulate a perfectly clear day. But the METAR includes “FEW037 BKN065 OVC080”, meaning there are few clouds at 3700 feet, broken clouds at 6500, and overcast clouds at 8000. In aviation, broken or more constitutes a ceiling. Adding (something similar to) fog layers at 6500 and 8000 feet in this case would give a more realistic feel of flying with weather, which often isn’t as nice as the blue skies in Infinite Flight suggests. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

tl;dr: Make low-level fog render at higher altitudes to represent cloud layers when METARs include them.

Love the idea. Would probably take a lot of work, but I think it’s something worth working on. Got my vote.


Great feature request! Although it would take a lot of work it would be worthwhile. Got my vote.


Love this idea!! I might have to clear a vote!!


I absolutely want this. The “clouds” fog isn’t really good at “real weather” metars and clouds. Ill vote for this.


Love it! Another step in the right way to make this simulater more like real life. I agree for single clouds that would be to hard and just rpcrash the game. Voted!✅


Yes definitely! I’m very into meteorology myself and this would be perfect. I’d vote but I don’t have any left.


This would be nice as you would be able to fly “IFR” and not see the ground.


Yes! To improve upon something that already exists in the game would boost the realism dramatically. I’d love to see clouds based on the system that already exists. Got my vote!


Got my Vote! Although I think the difficulty comes if people can run such detail on their phones. I know that people on iPad Pros or the equivalent, would have no problem but on and iPhone 5/6 or equivalent, I think you would struggle and fps would be hit, but in saying that I love the idea and I think it will gain many votes and maybe the devs could find a way around the problematic fps that might be experienced with this addition.


Loving the support everyone, thanks so much! Check out another weather-related request of mine here.


Unfortunately, with global update the coverage of clouds, fog, and other phenomena that reduce visibility are no longer realistic. When you make an approach in low visibility, the runway lights of the airports are perfectly visible in flight and this takes away the pleasure of carrying out precision approaches in low visibility. It’s definitely something known, but I do not think anything can be done to solve this bug, otherwise IF developers would have already solved it. Maybe this is not so important for a lot people who fly in IF. I couldn’t say.
Such a pity (((


Amazing idea! Loved it!


Would be a great addition.

But Imagine clouds that when you go through it gets bumpy or masssvie storm clouds.


You got my vote 😊👌🏽


Got my vote too! Nice request!


I remember in the old XPlane games they had cloud layers… I’m not sure how hard it is, but it would be awesome!


Would definitely vote but I’m out of votes at the moment. Made a little mock-up of it here. Not the best because it’s my first ever VFX editing project.


Sir love your video, that’s what we need.
Also the ground cover by cloud will be cool as well


What you’re referring to is Fog. We already have that in the sim. I took this video in solo with custom weather settings.