Cloud Glitch - Occurs When Aircraft Is Even With Cloud Layer

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While en route to KLAX from KEWR, I noticed a strange “bug” that caused Infinite Flight to respond in an odd manner.

With my cruising altitude set to FL360 and clouds set to FL360, entering the free cam and dropping the camera just under the cloud layer causes the app to freak out. White polka-dots appear towards the bottom of the screen, and giant white flashes appear towards the top.

Attached is a Google Drive link containing a video of this event occurring.

Additional Information:

  • I was able to reproduce this at other altitudes, so it does not seem like a one-off issue.

  • This specific clip was recorded from my flight on an iPad mini 5th generation (11,1). The device is running iOS 14.4.2.

  • This device is on the most recent version of Infinite Flight - 21.2.1

  • I have made a moderator aware of this, and it was recommended to create a topic here. I kindly ask that you do not reply if you are not able to help.

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Thanks for the report! This is a known issue.

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