Cloud and real weather

Do we think infinite flight will ever add clouds and real weather into the game ?

Hi Lewis,

Infinite flight does plan to add these in the future after they implement the project they are working on called Project Metal: Project Metal. No we don’t know when that will be complete but they are making great progress

This will allow them to add so many new things to this simulator

Do you have any idea when not for a few years ?

Clouds are currently in development! The weather we have now is real weather, but we still are waiting on things like rain and snow.

We don’t know but they are making great progress. They will fill us in as they deem necessary

Yeah do you play the game often ?

Yeah do you play much ?

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Yes and they have made some beautiful changes over the years. This simulator is like a completely new thing compared to many years ago.

However, I’m more of an ATC person on the sim

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Ahh ok, i was gonna to ask if you wanted to fly with me later on today?

You can set up an #live:groupflights of you are flying later. Just check out the topic for formatting

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You can post in #live:groupflights under 3 hours before departure

Haha we said that at the same time 😂

Ok thank you

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