Cloud Ahoy sync

I have heard rumor several times that you can take your flights and send them to cloudAhoy…is this true? If it is, where is this capability?

I’d be careful to the rumors that you listen to as its likely that most of the ones you hear may be misleading or incorrect. In order to import a flight into Cloud Ahoy, the flight you are importing is utilizing a GPS track from the device you are using. (ie. Internal/External GPS.) Internal via the cellular function on your phone/tablet, external via a GPS such as a Bad Elf or Stratus.

Because the device you are using to fly Infinite Flight is not actually moving miles as if you were in an actual aircraft, nothing would be logged. You’d have a blank log showing the present and past position of your device.

There are a lot of things in aviation that we can apply to Infinite Flight due to the rather high level of realism, but a flight debrief app such as Cloud Ahoy will not provide anything beneficial or useful. Simply because it just wouldn’t work.

If you are looking to have an overview of your flight, I suggest you look into subscribing to LiveFlight Horizon. With this subscription you are able to view a KML file of your flight and analyze it through Google Earth. Its actually a really neat feature. On top of that, there are other great features that could be useful to you. I’ll put LiveFlight’s link below for you to check out.


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