Closure of Old Servers (Casual/TS1/Expert)


With the Global out for both iOS and Android and everyone now flying on Global What is the situation of those users who aren’t eligible for the Update due to their system and OS limitations

Will the old Casual/Training/Expert servers remain active even after the Global is fully out ?

Those who don’t have IF Live Pro continue flying in regions.


I think they’ll close the servers down.


Closing down the servers means there’s no other option than to get themselves a new device which supports Global

For sure, no reason in paying for servers that are no longer active.

We will maintain those old servers until everyone reach the end of their current subscription. We disabled the purchase of new Infinite Flight Live or Live+ subscription (you can’t purchase or renew those anymore).

Most device that can’t update are 4+ years old now. We understand that it is not ideal but we had to raise our minimum specs in order to move Infinite Flight forward technically; it was becoming impossible to add new cool feature while maintaining support for those old devices.


Well that’s a sigh of relief as one of my friends has a Live+ expiring Oct,2018

That means he can still continue to play on the old servers for a year

Is that what it meant ?

Yes until the server has totally died out

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