Closure of Corporate VA

I am regretful to announce the closure of Corporate Virtual Airlines. Due to the recent introducing of the Infinite Flight VA Regulatory Board, I feel as we cannot continue operating under these new stringent conditions.

I would like to apologize to the one pilot that actually made contact with me, @Gavrilo.
I would also like to apologize to the Community as a whole for this complete waste of time and space.

The website and forms will still remain up, as I can’t be bothered to take them down.

Here’s my complete explanation (originally a reply to zbelle):

I’m 13. I don’t have the resources to manage a “proper” virtual airline, with ranks and promotions and events. I try to hold this virtual airline to the highest standards, but clearly I have failed at that. 2 people have applied, and only one has actually responded more than once. I don’t have any established routes or fleets, that’s why I called it Corporate Virtual, so you can have the freedom of being to say I’m in a virtual airline, but you can fly in any aircraft you want. I created it to have fun and try something new, not to have board members breathing down my back looking to see my “level of presentation and quality in my logo/website, level of organisation, including the professionalism of staff and pilots, quality and frequency of events, any extra facilities or features that a virtual airline offers its pilots and/or the community.”

I, too want the VA Community to be the best it can possible can be, and that starts with me shutting down this VA. Thank you to @DeltaCRJ-900, @mattrich, @Flightfan84, @N1RG and @DipperDolphin for offering your support.


You never know until you try ! :)


I really feel you should give us a chance to review your eligibility. You might be surprised at the results.

Good luck in your endeavours regardless of your choice.


You have plenty of time to amend anything that you may need to. We’re here to support and help, as well as to moderate. Feel free to continue operations for now.


Can IFES adopt this VA? re-open it?

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@JacobVanZanten Hello! I have sent you a PM regarding your VA.

@Ben_Schenk @JacobVanZanten as a member of IFES, I hope to negotiate this in a fair way.

I tried to create something like this few months ago, Generic Airlines, didn’t work well either.

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@AnnieCorp_Inc @I04 If you plan on taking over this VA, make sure you have a person to fill the role of CEO.


Don’t worry, we have enough resources


Please don’t, its not necessary, there is already enough VA’s :)

I liked Corporate VA, its a shame it closed.

We are negotiating to merge it in to IFES. It right be back.

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I Was thinking to Merge Corporate with Aviation Airways, but good luck :)

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I a-po-low-gize (apologize), but I have already decided that if I am going to merge, it will be with Aviation Airlines. Thank you for your understanding

I wish you the best brother, this is a difficult decision. The absolute best of luck to you in any future endeavors.


Corporate has merged with Aviation Airways. Corporate is still available, but is now operated by Aviation Airways.

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