Closing topics with link to guidelines

In view of the recent spike in duplicate topics, I’ld like to suggest something:
Usually, helpful community members would point out that it was a duplicate topic and post a link to the original, then a moderator comes and close the duplicate. I propose that the moderator that closed the duplicate leave a link to the respective category guidelines when they close it. Hopefully it’ll reduce the number of duplicate topics showing up.

I know, it is the duty of community members to read these ourselves, but sometimes they can be drowned by other topics, or some new members may not know they exist. This can help serve as a reminder for these people.

Feel free to leave your thoughts! It’s just one of my ideas, I doubt moderators would do so though :s

PS: would be so ironic if this was a duplicate


This is a nice suggestion but why would someone need to read the duplicate topic guidelines when it’s pretty straightforward?

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Some new users may not know they exist :)

Furthermore, it could help guide them on their future posts!

e.g. Only 2 features per day


Ok I guess that would work for mostly new members to the forum :)

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Yeah, 10k members woo!

Usually our regular members make the effort in finding the original topics, they link them in the threads on most occasions. If this is the case, we’ll close, indicating it’s a duplicate and that the link is above. If not, I tend to post the link myself.


Oh, I was suggesting that the mods that close these duplicates could leave a link to the category guidelines when they close it. It’s in the first post :)

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Ah, I misread - my apologies.

In that case, I don’t think it’s necessary. The guidelines are pinned at the top of every category.


But you forgot about the “Unpinned for you” option?

If it’s unpinned for them, then it is assumed they’ve read it and they should be familiar with it.

I just see it as a waste of time for us mods - it’s easy enough to find if your post has been closed (and we usually state the reason why it has been closed) and most regulars also quote the rules too in the case of something done wrong.

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