Closing Runways?

Hi, I have seen ATC closing runways how do I do it???

If you mean them going red then that’s automatically done from the weather data.

If you don’t mean that , then please explain further

I mean when you give the command switching runways and they turn yellow which means you cannot use them

When they turn yellow

that doesn’t mean you can’t use them, its the wind which changes it

The red means there is a tail wind on that runway. The yellow means there is a crosswind on that runway. You can still use them but try and keep them in the greeen/yellow.

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So is closing runways as ATC not possible?

No, it’s all worked out from the weather data.


Ah ok thanks, mods can close this now

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No need to say that. If they need to they’ll do it anyway.

Specifically, it’s called a METAR, which contains information for every airport such as wind speed and direction, ceiling, visibility, etc.

The effect the direction of the wind has on runways is essentially thus: You want to land and takeoff into a head wind, preferably direct.

This means that the runway configurations at each airport is unique due to the prevailing winds in the area. Winds change, but generally are predictable in direction with in a certain margin of error at each, at the Hub in Atlanta, for instance, all the runways are 90/270°, give or take, because that is generally how the wind flows there. Sometimes you TO and land west, sometimes east, depending on the wind. This is why you often pass an airport before coming in for landing, it’s so you head into the wind.

Maybe more info than you were looking for, but there you go.


When theres not too much traffic at an airport and the wind changes to favor different runways than what it was favoring before. As an ATC we switch the runways which are used for operations by sending the runway change in progress comment and direct aircraft to the new runway in use.

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ur right partially…it depents on the gusts mainly and the wind velocity…many a time there are runways wid green with tailwind of bout 3-4 knts and no or very negligible gusting

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Well, that goes for everything.

Wind up to 3-4 knots (not sure the amount in IF) is considered to be “calm”, i.e. no significant wind. If you encounter a situation like that, check the METAR to see where the wind is blowing, because it can pick up quite fast


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