Closing in on my 100th landing in Infinite Flight as part of my therapy recovering from a coma.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been thinking and hesitating for a while if I should write this topic as it might be a boring topic for most. But I decided to write it anyway.

Today I will perform my 100th landing in Infinite Flight and moving up to Grade 3. For me this is quite the achievement as playing Infinite Flight has helped me to fine tune the connections between my brain and my hands. Last year I’ve been squashed in my car between two trucks and been in a coma for 6 weeks. When I woke up the ability to use my hands and legs where almost non-existent but with the help of a fantastic team of doctors, nurses, physical therapists and my determination I am where I am to day. During my recovery one of my physical therapists suggested to try a flight simulator as a way to get better control over my hands and getting the right signals from my brain to my fingers. I started with Real Flight Simulator until it became too easy, since June I switched to Infinite Flight and it’s been difficult to master the art of landing as you have to monitor much more settings. Now I’m getting much better with every landing as the mobility of my hands still keeps improving. Not only have I fallen in love with aviation and every aspect that comes with it but I also regained the ability to participate in daily life again.

Not every take-off or landing deserves an award but I keep on improving. Infinite Flight is not only awesome to play, it is a lifestyle for everyone who’s heart is beating faster for aviation! That Infinite Flight can also help people who find themselves in the same situation I’ve been in is something that I want to tell, it does so much more for you than getting addicted to the game!




Sorry to hear about your accident Eric, Really amazing story and great to hear that your getting better. Best of luck on you recovery! Feel free to PM me if yuor ever up for a chat :).


Sorry to hear all of this! I also started on rfs and moved heat after the realism became non existent. I hope you get well soon!


Happy 100th landing, sad to hear the accident, but I hope your okay now. If it helps, the B752 is really touchy and loves to butter landings! 😃


Eric thank you for sharing this! What an incredible story.

Our team wishes you all the best as you continue to recover and improve. We’re so happy to have been a part of your healing journey!


What an incredible story and glad to hear you are on the mend!


Oh wow that must have been so difficult for you after you woke up. Im Happy that you got the ability to participate in daily life again! If you ever want someone to fly with you or escort you can ping me :)

p.s Wish you a wish you a turbulence-free takeoff back into your daily life ;D


What an incredible story, from some point on earth, my best wishes for you to recover. 💪💪

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What a touching story, Eric! Thank you so much for sharing it! It’s amazing how you manage to recover with the help from a mobile simulator. I wish you to fully recover as soon as possible. Here’s to 1.000 landings! 🥂


That’s an amazing story @Eric_Welling, congrats to you on the improvement.


Best wishes to you hope you’re doing better 😊

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Sorry to hear all of this! That’s an amazing story. Glad you improved so much! I wish you the best! And success!


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Wishing you a smooth recovery sir. And a smooth 100th landing. Good luck, and God bless

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Thanks to everyone who took time to respond, I am really touched by your warm messages. . I’m doing great, I enjoy life so much more now.


I am really sorry to hear about this. I am so happy that you are on a great recovery, and I hope you continue to have a speedy recovery! Thank you for sharing this, and get well soon!

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What an incredible story! I’m sorry for your accident. hope you get better soon soon! God bless you always.

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Sorry to hear about your accident,what a touching story. Congrats on your 100th landing! I wish you have a speedy recovery, God bless!

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Glad to see that you’ve done progress in two ways: your path of healing and the way of choosing the right app helping you to recover :). Great story!


I like that therapist, Eric😅
Thank you for sharing your story with us, it immediately reminded me of the following quote:

“Positive climb, Captain!”


you are such a strong human being. Im so glad you are better now! :)

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