Closing in on 1,000 Flights

So I wasn’t quite sure where I was supposed to post this thread and screenshot so I am placing it here if I was in the wrong please direct me elsewhere. I realize as far as flights to landings admittedly it is not that great however I will be very quick to mention also that I had just renewed my subscription after almost a year and which during the first round on my subscription I kind of was just a training server goof off and certainly since coming back the beginning of December have taken my sim flying experience a whole lot more serious and strive for realistic flight. Anyway by me posting this screenshot I am in no way thinking that this is some above the average user accomplishment, I just have rarely ever seen anyone put out there info or a post indicating they have this many flights I realize a lot of you been around for awhile probably have more but what a good treat to share all of our I guess you could say accomplishments. So here is my screenshot I am presently at 85 to go to 1000 and I am hoping to have reach this mark possibly even by the end of the week.

I humbly and graciously would absolutely encourage each and every one of the members of our community to share theirs, and while again I realize that my ratio is not anywhere near as great as others however please keep the rude and demeaning comments to yourself as we are all here to enjoy a realistic flight simulator experience.

Take care, best wishes, and all the luck during your flights!


Oh and much obliged for the congratulatory remarks

You’re very welcome. Here’s to thousands of more flights! 🍻 👍

I’d suggest always making your post “final” the first time. 😁

Amazing job! I hope to get there someday, however, I’m nowhere near there yet.

@AnikaitD, see the use of the commas?😏😂


Much obliged! Keep at it you’ll get there as in real life no one flight, one takeoff, or one landing is ever the same! Every approach/departure is a unique learning experience. I still learn something new all the time, and even though I am this far in as I had stated in my originating post. I admit at first I didn’t take this simulator as serious not even 1/10 of the amount that I do now. A lot of my flights maybe just shy I can’t remember the exact number when I had came back after my membership had lapsed and then I returned I think it was December 4th maybe. I realize this is only a flight simulator, a game in essence, but let us remember that it is easier for a sim pilot from everything that I’ve seen and read to go out and do the real thing as opposed to a real pilot to come in and fly a sim.

The closing statement could be flawed and I could certainly be wrong. However, from all the videos I’ve viewed and materials I have read; they’re indicative that in fact a sim pilot does better in real world than a real pilot does in our proverbial sim world.

It’s actually a semicolon before the however :)

Congratulations on almost 1,000 flights! I hope you’ve enjoyed every single one, and I hope you continue to have fun in the skies!


Have you found da wae yet?

Man, we are really close. Our subs ends next month, we are the same grade and very close amount of online flights.

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I have to say this and I am being entirely light hearted and jovial, but sweet jeebus, I thought I was a hardcore grammar (pardon the metaphor) police!! LOL! I guess mine is more so in spelling. Hahaha you all are great thanks for the support!

BTW, do you have any special plans for your 1,000th flight? 😎

Congrats. Guess I need to do shorter flights to catch up. Got about half that many.


Congratulations mate! I had a quick squiz at my stats and realised I passed the 1000 flights and hours mark . Honestly I’ve been so busy flying to even notice my flight count haha. At least now I know… 🤙🏾

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To be completely honest I haven’t even thought that far ahead I’m just concentrated right now on getting to that number or within a day or two reach of it. Any suggestions I’d certainly either consider or act upon.

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Nice, here’s mine. Hadn’t looked at it for awhile. Pay no attention to my grade two… I wasn’t paying attention a few flights back and the violations “bug” got me… lol

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