Closing And Locking Topics Self Made

Hey IFC,
Being an IFC member there is one thing that annoys me the most. When I create a topic, why should we have to wait for a moderator to close or lock it, why can’t we have that control (for topics created by ourselves) instead of waiting for a higher level person to close it?

I propose that change the closing and locking of topics so that anyone can do that to their own topics giving us more control over the thing that we have put on there instead of always having to ask for a moderator to do it. Of course, they will still be able to do it though. I would just like more control.
Thanks to everyone for their votes!


Hi there,

It’s due to the Forum Operating System, Discourse. This currently isn’t a possibility without making the user TL4 and Discourse do no plan it in the foreseeable future as it’s not in demand.

Also for future reference #features is for in-app only. @Trio kindly moved it to #meta for you.

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It shouldn’t affect you having to wait for a mod to close something. It’s not like it has to be closed right away

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Why close it just because you feel like the purpose is fulfilled or that the question had been answered?

Have you ever thought that keeping it open can allow more users to add/provide more information that is valid and valuable to the conversation and may help even further.

Also if we were allowed to close threads that we make, then we’d close it at the wrong time. The Moderators know precisely when to close or not, they are trained to be observant and have general knowledge of knowing when a thread is done its work. While we normal (non-moderator/staff) users don’t get that. And giving that power to Members (TL2) or Regulars (TL3) won’t really do much good.

There are no faults with the current system, just when you’re done with your own thread, then mute it and let a Mod close when they can. No need to flag, as they are constantly watching and keeping an eye open so, no need to bother them with flags as they will eventually, when they see fitting, close a thread after it has run its course.

I believe that your idea/thought here was well written, and a system where we have the freedom to close could’ve worked if more people knew when to close, because the main issue would be that this power could easily be misused or wrongly used and cause miscommunication and further issues so it is better as it is now with the current system/rules where the Moderators will close a thread of any kind, as that is a part of their job.


Are you saying our lovely community moderators aren’t fast enough? 😎


I agree with this and my reasoning is that when you create a topic and it isn’t necessarily good or it’s a duplicate or a silly question it would be good to close it instead of getting thousand of replies telling you your post is a duplicate or people telling you that your post is useless and clutter. So being able to close your topic avoids unnecessary comments and arguments on this community

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Just get the good ol’ mods to do it. That’s why they are here, to help us out (and close our topics)

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I’m glad this is in meta… for the love everything, please stop telling people in the topic where to put their post. Just PM them like I did.


It makes the topic much easier to read, the moderation in these threads is very annoying. Almost all new topics created have a comment saying where they should put their post…


Every topic has 3months Grace period. Useless topic should die down without someone digging the grave. If topic has multiple case scenorios people may add new questions and answer later down the line. Better all to go in the same topic. Then its mod job to keep it open or let it die on it’s own. Support channel is for specific issue if mod think it’s been solved for specific issue they will shut it. And mods work with dev and they have direct communication with them.

Honestly, I support this idea :)

If you have something going on and you make a thread for it, you should have the ability to close your own thread.

Many of the comments here say that, “Oh! Mods know more than you to close your thread while you don’t know when to close your own thread.” I understand where that argument comes from, but closing your own thread allows you to have more control over what’s yours (even if it’s on a public community it’s still your thread that you made) and helps make the life for mods easier as well.

If anything needs to get added, mods can still post in closed topics or if any users want to add something but the OP already closed his/her thread, it’s not difficult to send a PM.

Overall, I don’t really see the potential for this feature request getting added to IFC, but I still support it 100%.

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