Closing an airport due to an emergency

Perhaps ATC could have access to the fuel.


If they decrease my fuel all the way, I’m making complaints

You wouldnt be able to make that command if your fuel isnt low.


Who is decreasing fuel? How did that come up?


What they mean is a window to check your fuel. Not control it. :P


Please follow instructions

pilot doesn’t

ATC takes all fuel away. Crassshhhh


Fuel emergencies are expert only so most expert pilots would not do this and they would be okay with being in a hold.


I agree with @Chris_S.
Also doesn’t this belong in feature requests?

This isn’t a feature in anyway he’s asking what would happen in a fuel emergency


I’m not that high of a trust level to make a feature request in the first place lol

Not sure how the thread turned to ATC actions. I was pointing out that it could be abused by trolls.

Like everything it will come with an adjustment and learning period. Nobody knows what or how it will work until it is released so we are just speculating. Even if it is expert only we still have issues with people trying to cut in line. People will try to land at EGBB when there are plenty of other places to land for fuel in an emergency.


This confused me. NVM. Thanks for pointing that Out

If it’s an event in SoCal when global is out ATC should see that the person purposely brought little fuel and ghost them

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I’m sure that will all come out when they officially say how the fuel system will work.

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Emergencies, like many other states of flight, have priority over all other traffic but this doesn’t mean all operations come to a screeching halt.

Many times an aircraft will land on one of the airport’s many runways as regular operations continue. Also, an emergency miles away won’t affect the aircraft on final.

As for Infinite Flight, the same rules will apply. Give priority as they close in on the airport, at most giving others a quick hold, 360, or deviating vectors to build some space. We have put a lot of thought into the inner workings of a fuel-based emergency to ensure this will not be abused.


But lets be honest… No matter how much work goes into it… Someone will still find a way to abuse the system.

And that person will find themselves without access to the Expert Server. 😀

ATC will be able to see fuel remaining and an emergency is not even possible to declare unless the legitimate condition exists.


Forever or just ghosted?

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Sounds like a nice punishment to me for that person :)

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Great to hear! I think a genuine fuel emergency at a busy airport would be very interesting and realistic for all at the airport, but obviously if it was abused it wouldn’t be very fun.