Closeup Airside Spotting at Gloucestershire Staverton Airport

This short airside spotting video was filmed all the way back in December last year but I never got round to uploading it! I carried out a week of work experience with a local aircraft maintenance company based at the airport and during my lunch breaks, I was able to go out and explore the airport, from the side that most people don’t see!

Featured are some interesting aircraft, including the now non-existent CityWing L-410, Beech King Air, Pilatus PC-12, Cessna Citation and C208 along with many Cirrus SR-22s among others! Enjoy :)


Very nice video! Lucky you! The Pilatus is a beauty, and of course the King Air. The L-410 on the other hand…

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Nice, there was an raf a400 down there again today, 😣 I always miss the military movements when I’m there, if you have seen them already, there’s a couple of videos on the airport’s Twitter and Facebook.

Really nice video. Keep up the good vids👏

Thanks :) I have to agree, the PC-12 is AMAZING! But what’s wrong with the L-410??

@morgan99 Thank you as well! I saw that on Twitter, very annoying indeed! Unfortunately I won’t be uploading for a few months as my GCSEs edge ever closer…

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I done my work experience for school at Gloucestershire airport, for a company called Global Ats, back in 2014. Very fun. Good luck with your gcse’s as well

Very nice video, I enjoyed watching.

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Thanks you! And I know Global ATS, I had the opportunity to try one of their ATC sims last year!

@Jet_Airways_995 Thanks as well mate

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The L-410 is great. Aesthetically better than the PC12 in my eyes.

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My local airport!

You should really attend the staverton open days, they often do hour long trips for around £90 and you get full control for about 40minutes

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Yeh I’ve been to one where they had a L-410 open for tours

And I’m guessing you mean flying lessons? I fly up at Cotswold Airport near Kemble

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Nice stuff. Actually sat through and watched all of it which is a rarity for me and spotting videos.


Then we have different opinions :-) But it may be a great plane nevertheless.

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I feel honored :D Thank you!

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