Closest things we have to emergency situations

So until the Devs implement emergency procedures, this should work for the time being. This a “gear failure” glitch. Some of you may be aware of the replay glitch where you put your gear down and you hit replay and the gear gets stuck. If you don’t know about it there is a topic about it. Anyways. Follow the steps below to get your free unofficial emergency situation!

  1. As you are flying, click “Gear” to taise or lower your gear.
  2. As the gear is doing its thing, tap replay and then exit replay.
  3. Land safely and save your passengers!

Thanks for reading!


I don’t think the Devs will ever add emergencies, its supposed to be a relaxing game after all.


Otherwise if the emergensy update comes out they are all anouncing a emergensy so the tower is super bussy


Lol most pilots won’t try to resolve the issue at block altitudes. They will just want straight shots.

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Hmmm… This is a flight simulator, and when being controlled by approach in busy airspace I’m not sure I can agree with you…

This is a simulator, and so the possibility to simulate emergencies may come later.


I’ld like to add to an emergency i had today on Live.

Apparently its my device’s fault but i really never expected this to happen. Luckily i was only at 1000ft doing pattern work on my Cessna 172 in a low traffic area at KPSP. I have no idea how to do this in high altitude without autopilot to handle it while i look online.

So right after take off i turn into downwind for 31R then everything when crazy on my phone, my left side screen became unresponsive and my throttle was stuck at 0. ATC button wasnt responding as well.

All i had was the accelerometer, brakes, trim and rudder. AP wasnt engage so there wasnt a use for this.

I guess i could consider that i had engine failure and radio failure =p

It really surprised me because theres no emergency in IF but at that moment, it was really an emergency xD Good thing palmsprings tower cleared me on downwind but i couldnt respond.


It would be very cool to see the devs put in emergencies. But only allow ATC to control emergencies instead of pilots. Emergencies are random and require special attention by both ATC and Pilots. Therefore I think allowing emergencies controlled by ATC would eliminate the flooding of emergency radio calls to ATC. IFATC could coordinate emergencies so they wouldn’t happen all at once either. Allowing them to pick and choose who has an emergency and what kind.


Haha I like that! You make a controller mad they shut off your engines! >:D


I personally think emergencies would be a perfect addition to infinite flight. Disagree with the comment about “it is supposed to be relaxing” as who wants a flight simulator to be relaxing? (Not an actual question as some probably do but anyways) it would be considerably more fun to play if you had unexpected emergencies and having to figure out a place to land in quick thinking etc… of course I think it should be able to be an option and should happen at random so ATC is not flooded with clearing runways for emergency landings or flooded with emergency messages. But it would totally make the simulation more realistic and more fun to play (to me Atleast)

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Tried it:
Gear wouldn’t deploy fully on Air France A320 flight 3715:

Landed safely!:

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MaxSez: what’s wrong with you people. “Emergency Anything” has been a repetitive Topic for years and died was buried in an unmarked grave as a Duplicate more time than I can count in my years on the Forum. Emergency anything is disruptive. Peanuts and kiddies would declare an emergency just to get to the head of the pack or for fun. Those who Comment on Emergency Procedure Topic are as ignorant as an Emergency Tooic Author, odviously they to are unable to research the archive for a Dup before posting and are Penuts or kiddies Too. Knock it off. Just Sayin. I flagged this as a Dup @captain_caden


I agree, these ‘emergencies’ are not getting added anytime soon and would be a nuisance to everybody.

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Emergencies aren’t supported at this time.