Closest Aircraft to DHC-4 Caribou

Hello, I’m doing this topic to ask which aircraft is closest to the DHC-4 Caribou, an aircraft designed for short runways (3000ft)
I would like to make a flight between Wallis and Futuna (NLWW-NLWF) which is operated by Air Calin.

The Dash 8 looks a lot like the DHC-4 Caribou, I think but is there a smaller GA aviation?


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You could try the Cessna 208 Caravan, looks quite similar to the DHC-4.


Okay, thanks i think that GA aircraft is the best planes for this flight

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They are fun with landing challenges. I hop in any GA aircraft and visit interesting airports like Lukla Airport, St. Barthélemy. XCub can also be an option.

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Yes it’s very interesting and good challenges but for commercial Flight i try with Cessna Caravan 😜

If you want I could make a feature request soon since I am at TL2

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