I have an idea: wait until you’re TL2 to post anything VA related.


What about getting TL 2 first?

As they said. TL2. Good luck though in planning it and continue reading and contributing and you’ll be there in no time.

What’s the point of this?
Not being mean btw.

Was va related. But I forgot that im not tl 2 yet

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Oh ok I see the point.

For who are asking themselves why “Closed”?
Click orange pen and you will see the original post

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@Battlefield_Inhd. If you want it properly closed. Flag the post your self and use the bottom option to message the Mods asking it to be closed. If not then they will probably let it die out

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@Battlefield_Inhd, don’t worry I’ve already flagged it for a mod to remove the thread/post …

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