[Closed} Zello FreeFlight EG OPEN

Patterns Accepted
Freqs: EGLC TOWER 133.6 EGLC Ground 123.8

Please notify here if coming
Open until 11 AM EDT

Which server? Advanced or playground?

Free Flight

Free Flight, Read the Title

You’ll need a ground chart or ground is useless on zello.

Oh ok one sec

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I though the freeflight server has no ATC? Only playground and advanced


It is voice ATC, using an app called Zello that lets users talk to each other.

Chart has been added

I never heard of that

Go on the App store

KMIA is in which region? (Sorry!)

Florida my friend

Ah no! I don’t have Florida! Have fun! I’ll tune in anyway :D

Ok feel free to talk

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Might be off for a min or two Guys

Okay! The frequency is a bit quite!

IM back so illl will talk

Alright. After the session is done can we go to a free region?