[Closed] Zello Atc @ YSSY - 111700ZAUG16

Hello everyone!

I will be doing Zello ATC at YSSY with charts. I will be controlling Ground and Tower.

Zello Channel names:

YSSY Ground 121.7
YSSY Tower 120.5


Airport Diagram- https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/9d/YSSY-Aerodrome-Chart.png

Event Details:

  • Casual Server
  • Thursday August 11, 2016
  • Event Start Time - 17:00 ZULU (10:00AM PST)
  • Event End Time- When there is no more traffic
  • Region: Sydney, Australia

*All you need is a vaild Live subscription and the app Zello, hope to see you all there!


I’ll be there!

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I’m at gate 1-10 with a klm boeing 777-300er

I am there now

Do you need ground or tower? I’m more than happy to be a controller! :)

Can you provide a link for Zello please? I’ve got an Apple product. Thanks!

What happened did the event go

If you reschedule one for tonight I’ll come :) be good fun

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