[Closed] Zello ATC @ YSCB - 010900ZMAY16

Server: Free Flight

Region: Sydney

Airport: Canberra

Time: 0800Z

NOTAM: Follow instructions. This event will be run by me as ground and tower Zello ATC. Zello app must be installed to participate. This is my first time running a Zello frequency so sorry if I make mistakes

Ground: Canberra Ground 121.700
Tower: Canberra Tower 118.700

Airport Diagram to follow:

ok we are open. comment if coming

I am coming

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Um where do i get zello from?

the appstore

@JQW ^^ :)
Its free

Ok I got zello. How do I find you?

Type up Canberra ground 121.700 and connect. then connect to tower. @JQW

its really quiet here.

Ok I’m in. Say something

could u here me? @JQW


OK loading up

Anyone else coming?

Thanks for coming

Sorry, I was Busy. If you opened a little earlier then I could’ve came.

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