[CLOSED] Zello ATC with Mats @ EDDL - 061530ZOCT16

Server: Casual

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EDDL

Time: 1530Z


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Zello event, so I thought to make one later today! This time it will be EDDL in the Amsterdam region, both VFR and IFR traffic are more than welcome! Please read through all info before connecting, as this will ensure the best service for everyone!

[details= Zello channels / frequency information]

Ground Frequency Channel: EDDL GND 121.90
(Station name: Dusseldorf ground)

Tower Frequency Channel: EDDL TWR 118.3
(Station name: Dusseldorf Tower)

All frequencies will be ‘listen only’ until the event is close by. Connect to the channels and I will make an announcement prior to starting.

Here are the QR codes to the frequencies!



###Charts will be used. Please make sure you have all charts available for the best service possible.

EDDL charts


[details=Verbal ATC information]

IF using Zello is a way to fly with verbal ATC communication. In order to avoid misunderstandings and bad service, pilots are expected to have at least basic understanding of verbal ATC communication. This is not the same as knowing the commands in IF. Verbal ATC is more complex and more reliant on pilot knowledge.

To give you a little idea of what you should know, here’s a list of things I expect you to know:

  • Properly requesting a IFR / VFR clearance, and reading back (CRAFT can be a good help here).
  • Understanding and being able to fly SID/STAR procedures
  • Think before you talk principle, being short and concise on the frequency to not clutter it up.
  • Understanding traffic reports, and how to maintain visual seperation
  • Properly flying VFR (If that’s what you want), including VFR reporting points, altitude restrictions etc.
  • Difference between EAA/FAA (Europe/US) procedures.

If you are unsure as to how to proceed with verbal ATC, fear not! Look at this guide, and it will explain it to you in a easy-to-understand manner.

Also, I’m here to help. Reply here or send me a PM if you have any questions!


[details=Misc. information]

  • ATIS might be available if demand is high.
  • Have a finished flight plan filed a couple of minutes before requesting clearance. All planes without flight plans will be denied (this also applies to VFR circuits)
  • Please use a company callsign if flying commercial, or valid GA callsigns if flying GA (Please note that for GA I will shorten your callsign, do not shorten until I do it. Once I do it, use the shortened one, not the full. :)
  • If you do not hear a command 100%, don’t be afraid to tell me to repeat it with a “say again [command]”.
  • Don’t read back unless you know exactly what you are reading back.
  • Minimize the amount of “ehh”, “uhm” etc. and keep your messages short and concise.


[details=What is Zello?]

Zello is an external app for both iOS and Android devices, used simulating voice based ATC communication like in real life. It works much like a walkie talkie. Go to their website and download it, and plot in the channel names located under “Zello channels / frequency information”. Please read through all of the information here before flying, though!


More information might be added at a later time, so check back regularly.

See you on the frequencies!


Do you have a QR code for it??

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Look under “Zello channel / frequency information” :)

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Even though this it something I typically do, I’ll go ahead and bump this. :) I realized I posted this in the graveyard hours… :P

Event duration depends on the amount of traffic! Spread the word to your friends and VA’s!

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I may come, not to sure


You should, it’s gonna be awesome! :)

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It is today in about 1 hour right?

You guys should join, Mats is an epic controller. ;)


Yes :) And Maybe, just maybe I’ll open on VATSIM later…:)

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Opening in 10 minutes!

I’m on it now on the ground

Which server

Casual server. :)


When’s it becoming not listen only??



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How can you get 2 freq up at once??

What do you mean?

Ignore me it dm

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Thanks to everyone who came, it was busy and TOTALLY AWESOME! If anyone wants to post link to Your favorite moments in the log, or record the Whole log transmission into one video, feel free to do so below! :)

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Thanks man much!!! Amazing experience, even if I crashed twice in mayday situations… If you didn’t guess I was AAL340 and Air Berlin 340

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