[CLOSED] Zello ATC @ KSAN - 291120ZJUN16

Server: Free Flight

Region: Southern California

Airport: KSAN

Time: 1120

Zello ATC is now open. Make sure you follow all instructions. Runway 27 will be in use. Frequencies are open and active now

##Chart -

Post was created by me for Riley and Skylines as they were setting up.


San Diego/Lindbergh Ground 132.9 - @Riley_Dunshea Lindbergh Ground 132.9

San Diego/Lindbergh Tower 118.3 @Riley_Dunshea - Approach 119.6 @Skylines - Lindbergh Tower 118.3/ SOCAL Approach 119.6



Everyone we are active now and waiting for pilots!

Am on my way

I come too

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