[Closed] Zello ATC @ KNUC - 272200ZJUN16

Server: *Free Flight Server

Region: *San Clemente

Airport: *KNUC

Time: *10:00PM Zulu Time.
Date: 27/6/16. Monday.

NOTAM: *Kindly follow up with me on more details if needed. Myself and @Benedict_Thompson1, with help from some other atc’s. I will disclose the frequencies later.


On which channel??

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Zulu is the military time it’s not a channel

I started the Zello on IF and if you need help, I would love to do tower. I am a very experienced verbal controller and I am a pilot in real life.
Thanks @Temidayo_Ekundayo

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Thanks a lot. I would DM you shortly on the community.

Hey. Let’s take it to dm’s yeah?

Ok. Thanks. @Temidayo_Ekundayo

Okay, no problem.

The flight plan will come up shortly

Does anyone got the frequencies/channels yet?


That is the flight plan.
DETAILS: Take off from San Clemente and follow the waypoints IN FORMATION. Stunting by military jets would be cool if possible. We then touch and go at Palm Springs. Then finally land at Los Angeles. Please remember that it’s the free flight server we are using. Thanks!

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Just hold on a bit

Yes. @Flying_Luc could help out with that

Sure. I Have 2 Zello channels Taft I use for Zello ATC events called infinite flight ATC ground and infinite flight ATC tower @Temidayo_Ekundayo

So @Flying_Luc can do KLAX tower and ground and I can do KNUC tower and ground?

Perfect that works👍

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Sounds good to me. I will use The Zello channel called IF LAX ATC for tower and ground at LAX @Benedict_Thompson1 @Temidayo_Ekundayo

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I will make the zello frequencies for KNUC ground and tower.

##KNUC Ground Channel: KNUC Ground 119.55

##KNUC Tower Channel: KNUC Tower 126.75