(Closed) Zello ATC @ KASE - 072100ZJUN16

For all as a reference:

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I changed it for you, no worries!

Thanks. The event Is tomorrow. You put Jun16th

‘JUN16’ is June of 2016.

Oh I got it.
Thank you very much @CptNathanHope
Will you be joining us tomorrow? You can fly at any airport in the Denver region in free flight server1 and I have all the diagrams so I can ATC at any airport

For people that just clicked on this post, we will be flying in the Denver region using the whirlwind VA channel on Zello. We will fly in free flight server 1. Full ATC services start at 5PM EDT sharp.

So we need to be a part of the whirlwind VA to use the Zello?

Will be there! 4 my time so just when I get back from school.

No, you don’t need to be part of the VA. Just tune in to the whirlwind VA channel. There is no code or anything needed.
See you there 😃✈️

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Great. Looking forward to you being there. It’s 9pm UK time (5pm New York Time) . If you haven’t flown a KASE before, you’ll love it. I don’t recommend flying a big plane there. @Alex_Kellagher

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How do you do that?

@Alex_Kellagher i think it’s 9PM UK time. It’s 5pm EDT (New York time) so whatever that is in UK time is when the event starts. Sorry. I don’t want to mess you up.

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Do what? @Alex_Kellagher

No, I am in central time!!! Although I am from the UK

Zello on same device as IF

Oh, I got you. Sorry😃. I live in Miami, how about you? @Alex_Kellagher

Awsome. I used to live in Dallas. So it’s 9am for you guys? It’s 8am for me

Ok. It’s 7. Got it now. 😂. I use my iPad for IF and my iPhone for Zello. But you can use one device. @Alex_Kellagher

For people that just clicked on this post, scroll to the top for the details but I would just like to update you guys that we will be using the whirlwind VA Zello channel as ATC not with Unicom. So please tune to the Whirlwind VA Zello channel to have full ATC at all airports in the Denver region. We will be flying in Free flight server 1 only so do not join in playground or advanced.

One last reply the event is Using the free Zello app. All participants please tune to the whirlwind VA Zello channel for full ATC starting at 5pm EDT (New York Time)
We will be flying in the Denver CO region in FREE FLIGHT SERVER1, so if you will not be joining us on Zello, please do not fly at KASE.